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The Dugout 

"The story of how it all started"


Growing up, I have always desired waffles over pancakes. But the part I did not like was the bland flavor of waffles and the need for syrup. I began experimenting and made every attempt at making a waffle with a specific flavor that did not require syrup. I have finally crafted and perfected the perfect waffle recipe that does not require any syrup. In fact, it does not even require utensils. 

I have always loved hosting social gatherings with friends and family, especially when I could cook for them. My bonus daughter and nieces and nephews would spend the night and always ask if I could make them waffles. My friends would call early mornings on the weekend and ask for waffles. Never given it much thought, I would happily oblige. I just believed they were waffle lovers too. In 2012, my Godson accompanied my son, nephews, and myself on a staycation. It was home away from home. I practically packed the kitchen. Our first morning there, I made waffles for the boys. My Godson, who was seven at the time, bit into his waffle for the first time and said, "You should sell these. These are so good!" I did not think much of it. At the time, I thought to myself, sell waffles, nobody would just buy a waffle.

In 2017, I had embarked on a transformational journey with Compass Trainings, a Leadership and Legacy Program, that reminded me of my purpose, passions and legacy. To put it simply, I reclaimed my greatness!!!! I declared to live in my purpose and leave a fulfilled legacy, especially for my son.

Fast forward to 2018, while visiting family in Texas, a friend called on a Friday and requested that I host a brunch on Sunday, July 15, 2018. And you guessed right, I obliged. I finally landed at LAX on that Saturday afternoon, after almost missing my flight. I requested an Uber and preceded curbside to await my car. To my surprise, I bumped into my cousin from Chicago. Turns out, he flew into town to surprise his girlfriend. Of course they were invited to the brunch. Of course they came. And of course the rest of the family was surprised too. Brunch was served and of course, everybody LOVED the waffles. I received calls all week about my waffles!!! It finally hit me, I've got something amazing on my hands. My Godson was onto something. It was then that I said to myself, "I'm going to open a mobile waffle bar", and share the rest of this goodness with the world.

I finally decided to take my foot off of the brake and go full speed ahead. Approximately two weeks after the brunch, I staffed as a support for my son's journey with Compass Trainings. One of my amazing friend's, a true angel, staffed alongside me. She just so happened to attend the brunch that I hosted and participated in the Legacy Program too. She continued to rave about my waffles. She was actually the one that sparked something within. I told her while on a break that I wanted to start a mobile waffle bar, but needed to get new equipment first. She without hesitation, gave me her blessings, and handed me money to invest in equipment. I told you she was an angel!

Approximately one month later in August 2018, while in the shower, I was thinking of a name for my business. I don't know what it is about the bathroom, but my creativity just flows. I knew that I wanted to be more than just waffles. I envisioned making different flavored waffles and variations of a waffle. And then it hit me, everyone loves my waffles because of what I put in the batter. And if I make flavored waffles, it will be because of what I put in the batter. All of the goodness, no matter the flavor, it is all in the batter. Then it hit me, Hey Batter Batter!

Our Mission

We are more than just waffles, we are an experience. Hey Batter Batter is committed to ensuring that you feel like the MVP you are and receive excellent and professional customer service every time we serve you. Our mission is to serve love, one waffle at a time.

Our Vision

Hey Batter Batter started as a creative idea and blossomed into a business. Hey Batter Batter will be a global brand and franchise that will positively impact the lives of youth, families, and the community. Having a passion to serve, we desire to touch the lives of all walks of life, particularly, our at-risk youth, through creating employment services, leadership development, community outreach, and enrichment programs. Hey Batter Batter is the embodiment of creativity and service as evident by our many waffle creations, their unique flavors, and the experience. We believe food is not only a love language, but a universal language. We not only want to be the conversation piece, we want to be a part of the conversation. 

Our Values

Hey Batter Batter believes in only serving you the best of what we have to offer. High quality ingredients and freshness is our priority and so are you. We make everything to order. We take pride in giving you and your tastebuds a flavor party and experience every time we serve you. We will always strive to earn and keep our bragging rights and keep you as a satisfied patron. Servant leadership is our passion and priority.

Our CEO and Creator


Hey Batt​er Batter has given her a space to create and a platform to fulfill her passion to serve!